Westcountry Tea

It all started a few years ago, when we were asked by family and friends to produce our own tea blends for their enjoyment.....

We have been producing our own tea blends and infusions for many years, as we were disappointed with most tea products on the market not delivering the bold flavours we sought.  

They proved so popular with our friends and family that in 2010 we decided to bring our own speciality teas to the Cornish tea market and very soon they went countrywide being stocked in farm shops, delicatessens and independent retailers.  

In 2018 we took the leap to be one of Britain’s first 100% plastic free tea companies.

Not only where our tea bags made from corn starch (and still are), so no nasty plastics in your cup, we also started packing our tea bags in a film made from fast growing eucalyptus tree cellulose, so no nasty plastic in landfill neither. We also went through a change of packaging, utilising vegetable inks print on recycled & FFC card for our tea boxes. We didn’t stop there, even our packaging tape is made of paper with potato starch as the glue, closing the whole circle, making all of our products 100% plastic free and kind to the planet, a fact that we are extremely proud of!!

We have always taken pride in the quality of our tea blends and are so happy with the many awards we have received for them.

We where over the moon with comments from the judging panel…One said “this is probably the best camomile tea I have tasted in a long time” and another announced “this is one of the best herbal teas I’ve ever had. Perfect!”

2014 – we were presented with our first award for our ‘Peppermint & Rosemary’ Time Out Tea from ‘Great Taste’.

2016 – Gold from ‘Taste of the West’ for our ‘Camomile & Elderflower’ Time Out Tea.

2016 – Silver from ‘Taste of the West’ for the Earl Grey Lazy Days Tea.

2017 – Gold from ‘Taste of the West’ for our ‘Spiced Winter Rooibos’ Time Out Tea.

2018 – Silver from ‘Taste of the West’ for Time Out Tea Lavender & Lemon Verbena

2018 –  Gold from ‘Taste of the West’ for Time out Tea Nettle & Rose.

2020 – Gold from ‘Taste of the West’ for Time Out Tea Masala Chai

We continue to strive to create exiting and delightful tea blends.


Martyn & Martina

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