From Cup To Compost

Composting and recycling the end product

We are proud that everything from our tea bags to our packing tape and everything in-between is 100% plastic free!

Our Tea Bags

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Our tea bags are made from corn starch, which is a 100% natural fibre, so they do not contain any petroleum based synthetic fabrics, making them 100% biodegradable / compostable

Our tea bags would prefer to be put into council food waste to be industrially composted, where they should break down quickly.

However, if you aren’t lucky enough for your council to offer a food recycling waste bin, then you could compost at home but there are a few things to take into consideration.

If you are a serious home composter and hot compost, they should break down within a few months. If you find any stray tea bags just pop them back in to your next starter pile.

We compost at home with three compost bins (alternating between years, this means leaving one to rott down for 12 months, one to rott for 24 months before using it in our vegetable garden and one to fill with fresh kitchen waste) We sprinkle over a little soil between layers to help breakdown the compost and tea bags. If we find any stray tea bags in our compost, when it is  time to  use it, we just pop them back in to the compost bin for next time. (The same as we do with vegetable peelings that have not broken down, EASY!)


Now if you don’t compost or have a council food waste bin don’t despair…

If you just pop them into your main bin they could go to landfill, where for the first few days, even weeks, they will be mixed with other waste above ground and bacteria and microbes should start breaking them down. After a while they will get buried under the ground and the heat and microorganisms should break them down over the years, unlike plastic which will be there forever.

Alternatively, if they go to an Energy Recovery Centre, where the waste is burnt to make electricity, you can have peace of mind that there is no nasty plastic in our tea bags.

Our Inner Clear Bags

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Our inner clear bags are made from tree cellulose (Natureflex), which looks and feels like plastic but it is not. “How Magic is that?”

These bags can be thrown on any compost heap and will break down, this should take about 8 weeks.  And just like the tea bags, if you find a little stray bag when it is time to use the compost, just pop it back into the pile and it will magically biodegrade by the next time.

You can also put it in your food waste bin.

As with the tea bags, if you neither have a compost nor have a council food waste bin, they will biodegrade in landfill or if burnt will not release any nasty harmful plastic toxins.

Our tea boxes

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The tea boxes are printed with vegetable ink on mix of FSC & recycled card and can be disposed of in your cardboard recycling facilities or composted.

Our Outer Packaging Boxes and Parcel Tape

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The posting boxes are made from a mix of 75% recycled & FSC cardboard. We use a craft paper tape with a natural gum (potato starch) to seal these boxes, making it all 100% recyclable or again, if you wish compostable.

Enjoy Westcountry Tea Co. responsibly

However you chose to dispose of our teas and the packaging at the end of their life, whether you are composting, recycling or bagging & binning, you can rest assured in the knowledge that there will be no nasty micro plastics released into the ground or water.

Just do the planet a favour choose wisely choose Westcountry Tea Co. and dispose everything responsibly.

Thanks for reading

Martyn & Martina

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